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Take a break from the news with mindful Black stories.

Twice As Good Media helps journalists and news consumers tune in to what matters


By taking in mindful journalistic narratives, you can experience the news meaningfully without burning out.

That's a relief to the growing number of people who selectively avoid news to protect their mental health. Mindful journalism is especially for people who face collective trauma leading them to consume more news, sacrificing their health in an effort to stay informed.

The Mindful Black Journalism newsletter specifically helps Black viewers and journalists stay engaged without burning out.

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News is not just facts 2.gif

News is not just facts.

The more you consume, the worse your physical and mental health can become. Additionally, the more collective trauma you experience, the more you're compelled to consume fast news.

2020 "Media Exposure to Collective Trauma, Mental Health, and Functioning"

Selective news avoidance is high and increasing.

"On average, 38% of those surveyed said that they often or sometimes avoid news on certain topics... They find that kind of journalism depressing and repetitive."

2022 Reuters Institute Digital News Report

Black, Indigenous and POC are leading the movement to fix journalism

They often practice community or solutions journalism, slow journalism, restorative justice, and mindfulness to bring meaningful ethics to news media. Media 2070, Canadian Journalists of Colour, The Canadian Association of Black Journalists, and the authors of Mindful Journalism and News Ethics in the Digital Era have all brought these values into their efforts to train and support journalists.

Join the movement to fix journalism.

Our mission is to help viewers and journalists tune in to what matters by consuming mindful journalistic narratives so they can experience the news without burning out. 

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